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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Covering for Hunter Biden: Why Americans distrust the media

Big media lies; they don't even try to hide it anymore.  They hate  Trump and despise you for backing Trump.  They get paid millions and dine in fine restaurants while you lose your job.  They propagandize you and the people around you with scare stories about the Chinese virus and laugh at you for believing their lies.  They know better and go maskless unless the cameras are on.  It's scare theater designed to keep you docile and afraid.   

And they lie about the incredible corruption that they and their fellow bottom feeders revel in.  Who would hire a drug-addled sex pervert like Hunter Biden for any job unless they were buying access to powerful leaders in high government circles, like Vice President (and soon-to-be) President Biden? 

Covering for the Biden family by trying to suppress rather than report on The Post’s scoops may prove expensive for a host of US media institutions — especially the privileged social-media companies.

A majority of voters say the media intentionally buried The Post’s October bombshell about Hunter Biden’s laptop to help his father Joe Biden’s political campaign, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed Tuesday.

The poll found 52 percent of likely voters believe media companies provided scant coverage of the laptop story ... in order to boost Biden’s prospects in the election....

Among those who said they followed the news “very closely,” more than three in four (76 percent) say the media ignored the story to help Biden....

Meanwhile, Federal Election Commission records reviewed by Fox News reveal that top execs at Facebook and Twitter gave tens of thousands of dollars to Biden’s campaign — and “zero” to Team Trump. ...

Their aim was clear: They censored the story, ...

With the election over, news media that followed Facebook and Twitter’s lead in suppressing the report are finally running it. But they’ve taught the public not to trust them. 

But they will not succeed because a large part of the American people is not going to go along.

It’s time for the ‘Deplorables’ to become the Unconquerables

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