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Friday, December 04, 2020

Democrat governors import totalitarian leadership style of Xi Jinping

 The Wuhan virus is not the only thing that the Chinese Communist Party has exported to the rest of the world.  They have also exported the totalitarian leadership style of Xi Jinping.  

Just as the Wuhan virus has found the elderly as the most susceptible, Democrat governors and mayors have all come down with the dictatorial style of Xi Jinping.  

Forcing people to stay indoors, closing shops and restaurants, canceling holidays, weddings funerals, and church services were once the hallmark of a communist dictatorship.  No longer.  Today they have been cheerfully adopted by Democrats in positions of power.  

We have the most corrupt and incompetent Ruling Class in my lifetime.   

1 comment:

Bigus Macus said...

It's always been there with them , the COVID just brought it into full view. Ralph Blackface Northam jump on that band wagon right off the bat and has Virginia has been suffering since then.