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Thursday, December 24, 2020

The Answer is NO!


Joe Biden has not been elected President of the United States.  Even if he occupies the Oval Office, he will have stolen it.  Those who support that theft are worse than thieves and robbers.  Stolen goods can be replaced.  “Who steals my purse, steals trash” as Othello said.  But those who steal the country out from under the people, who collude with political criminals and deny the rights of people to choose their own leaders, do what dictators and oppressors have done for centuries before America was founded.  The American people fought a revolutionary war against the forces of tyranny and oppression nearly three centuries ago and we will do it again.  People who wish to be free will support a revolution against usurpers and the overthrow of the oppressors.

To those who say “get over it” the answer is NO.  Our freedom is too precious to be stolen by plutocrats and their media lapdogs.  We have demonstrated that there are over 70 million patriots who will not sit down and shut up to be ruled by people who have been bought and paid for by our enemies.  We will not be ruled by snot-nosed bastards who got rich by bribing us with time-wasting tech toys that turned into instruments of lies and repression.  We will not bow our necks to communists and fascists who have demonstrated their incompetence, their greed, and their hatred of people who make the country work.  

The answer is NO!

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