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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Stimulus Bill Stimulates Congress’s Lust for Power

 And so once again the mountain has labored mightily and brought forth a mouse. Our dysfunctional Congress has just passed another “stimulus” bill designed to stimulate nothing but their own lust for power and determination to hang on to their seats at all costs—in this case, some $900 billion of our money, of which they have just doled out to the peons the grand sum of six hundred simoleons to help ease the pain of the Dreaded Corona Virus and their devastation of our livelihoods.

Thanks, Mitch McConnell (78) and Nancy Pelosi (80). Fat-cat elderly millionaires both, these lifetime swamp creatures and selfless public servants have just pulled off an astounding feet of federal beneficence: sending pittances to many Americans to “ameliorate” the effects of the CCP virus panic that they themselves—and “servants” at every level of government—have caused.

Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea—you’ve just been hornswoggled. Again....

Where they’re told to maintain anti-social distancing, as if even their parents and children were radioactive. Where they’re ordered to mask their visages, and thus their emotions. Where they’re ordered to quarantine themselves on pain of arrest by a thuggish police force that for the most part cannot question authority and will not use their powers of reason.

Where they’re expected to obey the increasingly deracinated orders of petty tyrants like California’s pretty-boy governor, Gavin Newsom—thankfully now the subject of a recall petition. Or New York State’s goonish Andrew Cuomo, who just dealt the city’s restaurants a potential death blow by ordering (on what authority?) the closure of indoor dining.

And most of all, where they’re exposed on a daily and even hourly basis to the malignant, politicized coverage of the mainstream media, which has now fully aligned itself not only with the Democrat Party but with its most leftward elements. It openly advocates now against the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly clauses of the First Amendment and against other aspects of the Constitution, including the Electoral College and the United States Senate.

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