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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Stop Gaslighting the Year 2020.

 You know that I’m sick of?  People badmouthing 2020.

Why?  Because 2020 is a mark on a calendar.  It has nothing to do with what happened this year.  It’s not responsible for a bloody thing!  Stop blaming the year for what happened to you.

There is a big part of the American public that blames 2020 for the pandemic.  


China is responsible for creating the Wuhan virus and spreading it throughout the world.  They lied about its origin.  They lied about its infectiousness.  And they deliberately allowed it to spread globally while preventing the spread of the Wuhan flu inside China.

And why is the blame deflected from China?  

We need to look no farther than that stupid CNN reporter who accused Trump of xenophobia because he said the virus came from China.  Idiots – or Chinese agents -like this are Gaslighting the American people.

So, you’re stuck in a 12-foot square apartment and you ate alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Your grandmother died alone, and you could not attend her funeral?  The government tells you that you can’t attend church service but encourages rioting for Black Lives Matter?  Don’t blame 2020.  You were only following orders.  Following the orders of the little Hitlers in Richmond, Albany, Springfield, or Sacramento.  

You’re not allowed to ask why, after wearing a make all day, washing your hands until they bleed, and staying at least twelve feet away from another human being,  the "news" reports are full of new pandemic outbreaks 24/7. 

Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with the numbers – or the year - 2020.  

Maybe following these orders, closing businesses, throwing millions out of work, and spreading fear and panic among the populace doesn't make a virus go away.

Here's another clue. The people who tell you to shelter in place, don't go out to eat and don't travel spend their time in public, go to fancy restaurants with dozens of friends and take vacations with their families obviously don't believe what they are telling you.  You are being lied to.  Ask yourself why.  

There are lots of people and institutions that are closer and more real than the number 2020.  The focus on the year is a deliberate distraction from those who are responsible for the misery they caused us this year.

See through the gaslighting.  Fight back for the truth.

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thisishabitforming said...

This is exactly right. I’ll never forget the moment the female reporter challenged President Trump with the question of how he could call the virus the China Virus. He replied in that Trump signature attitude: because it come from Chi-Na. In your list of little Hitlers, you forgot Gretchen Whitmer in Lansing. In her typical lying manner she just said she is happy that she was not chosen as Biden’s running make. Right Gretchen, sure thing, but I do not believe a word from you lying lips as you continue to shut down the Mitten and continue to destroy lives just because you can and most are too afraid to stand up.

I will always be grateful to Donald Trump for pulling the masks off the swamp dwellers in Washington. How many of those who use the title of Senator and Representative are nothing more than self serving, self absorbed men and women who don’t give a whit about the people back home except at election time. The rest of the time they have their little clubs and parties and fiefdoms of influence and relish the power of spending trillions of other peoples money without regard to the burden they are laying on the nation and every citizen. As long as they can wield their power, wear their badges, take their trips, all is well. As seen with the fight over the defense and Covid bills, no one on Main Street would write anything so inane. They would actually address the real issues, loose the people, and solve the problems; but something about the heady atmosphere of Washington DC has put blinders on the folks who inhabit the halls of influence and columnists can just lay blame on a bad year, and so absolve bad government.