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Monday, December 21, 2020

The Stupid Establishment’s Lies Will Be Its Undoing


The coming vaccine fiasco is going to be yet another example of our idiotic ruling class’ utter incompetence and total paucity of wisdom. It is clear that there is going to be a huge backlash in the form of people refusing to take the vaccine. The vaccine may actually be quite good – real doctors (not fake doctors like Lady McBiden) have told me it is. I have no dog in the fight, since my bloodstream surges with powerful antibodies that have already defeated the puny COVID virus and render me invulnerable to its .05 percent death rate for my demographic. But other people could use a vaccine, and yet tens of millions of them won’t believe the vaccines are safe and/or effective entirely because the Establishment is stupid.

Here’s how the Establishment is stupid. It decided that we citizens were stupid and acted accordingly. 

The Establishment decided that instead of having a vigorous debate and discussion over the safety and efficacy of these prophylactic potions, they would just short circuit the whole messy truth determination process that Western civilization has relied upon for a millennium – argument, debate, and eventually consensus after everything is fully and freely hashed-out – and move right to the Official Truth. All the smart set decided that the Official Truth would be that these vaccines were all perfect and necessary and that we needed to stamp out any hint of dissent lest people pause and think for themselves and thereby disrupt the plan by raising unapproved notions. And the tech overlords would do their part by ensuring that any info, ideas, or interplay that was not inline with the narrative would be suppressed.

It’s so much more efficient, you know, to tell people what they think than to take the time to convince them and refute counter-arguments.

Not everyone was foolish. It was very smart and good leadership for Mike Pence to take the shot in public in front of cameras. That a couple of tentacles didn’t sprout out of his clavicles was reassuring. That’s leadership, and that’s what our leaders should be doing. But most of our ruling class instead thinks that if they lie to us and suppress our debates and call us stupid enough, we’ll fall into line.

When has that worked for long?

Here’s the thing – there are going to be side effects. We’re already seeing reports of them. No one’s spontaneously combusted like a Spinal Tap percussionist, but every medicine and every vaccine generates some negative reactions in some people. That’s a fact. That’s science, which we are constantly informed we are to believe in. Yet the blackout on dissent, the suppression of debate, in favor of the mandatory thumbs-up narrative, hides this truth. What the leaders should do is confront it. Speak the truth – yeah, it’s a good vaccine but some people will have issues – and let the debate commence. And then participate in the debate with moves like VP Pence’s: show themselves putting their immune systems where their mouth is.

But now, because they are hiding stuff, people think they are hiding stuff. And people hiding stuff do not get the presumption of good faith. 

By refusing to level with us, and refusing to allow people to bring up the problems, then presenting counter-arguments and evidence, by trying to skip this inconvenient process and go right to an Official Truth that isn’t necessarily true, they basically Jerry Nadlered all over their own credibility.

Great job, folks. Another epic fail by the leadership class that brought us Taylor Swift and Grindr.

As an inevitable result of this folly, there are going to be a significant number of people out there who will resist what is probably a pretty safe and effective set of vaccines all because they justifiably don’t trust our elite. And our elite is going to then contend that these people are somehow dumb for not trusting the elite when the elite itself ensured people were not going to trust it.

Why again should we believe the garbage Establishment about anything?

It told us Trump loved the Russians, and that turned into a giant nope.

It told us Trump was literally Hitler, and yet he never invaded Poland.

It is now telling us that those ubiquitous anonymous Trump advisors are fretting that the president is going to do something sinister to not turn power over to President-Suspect Asterisk, then inevitably that won’t happen either. And, like all of these examples, there’ll be no accountability, no reckoning for lying to us. The same journo-hacks who spewed this nonsense will keep their jobs and probably get awards, all after being wrong wrong wrong.

But hey, we’re the knuckle-draggers for not trusting them and their narratives!

We hear our ruling caste bemoan that Americans believe in conspiracy theories which presume elite malice, but exactly how has the elite performed its cultural and societal duties in the last couple decades in a manner such that it has a right to expect a presumption of good faith?

For years, we heard nothing but about how Trump’s alleged foreign entanglements compromised him. That turned out to be baloney. Yet when actual evidence of Hoover Biden snorting up Chi-Com cash, among other racketeering, with a wink and a nod from his proud, crusty daddy, the Establishment did not merely ignore it. It decreed that the truth could not even be spoken and launched a campaign to prevent you from hearing about it. And it largely worked. It certainly helped Grandpa Badfinger that the anti-Woodward and Bernsteins of our glorious news media ensured that our democracy was kept in darkness.

The Establishment Deep Throats of today warn reporters, “Don’t follow the money,” and the reporters are happy to obey. After all, suppressing the news gets you those MSNBC hits.

Yet they demand our trust and our respect.

The bad news is that our ruling class is composed of unaccomplished idiots bereft of the wisdom to effectively run our society. But the good news is likewise that our ruling class is composed of unaccomplished idiots bereft of the wisdom to effectively run our society. These people are stupid. Their own unblemished track record of lie after lie is so egregious that they are undercutting their own moral authority to govern better than we ever could.

Every day more people get woke to the fact that our betters are much worse. Every lie they tell trying to hold onto their power, position, and prestige in the short-term helps guarantee their long-term defeat. Some of us patriots worry that we are doomed to be ruled by them forever. I don’t worry about that. Our would-be masters are too stupid to rule us for long.

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