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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The difference between Trump and Obama

From the Road to Hell

President Trump’s voters saw, for the first time, a Republican who kept his promises against a tsunami of opposition from the media, the Democrats, and, worst of all, his own party. Trump’s rhetorical and policy loyalty to his voters has garnered fanatical loyalty in return.

Trump’s voters are often portrayed as cultists. This is projection. President Obama, a lightweight and lazy politician, enjoyed slavish devotion from the Left and more importantly, the media. It continues to this day. Obama’s 1000-watt smile, talk-show circuit gabbing and slow-jamming gave vacuous commentators and media types the character they wanted. Plus, he was black. White liberals, black liberals, and even many so-called conservative commentators swooned. Forget the content of his policy; his pants were pressed perfectly.

In contrast, President Trump enjoys steadfast support because he steadfastly supports his voters. If these citizens seem desperate, it’s because they believe, and maybe not wrongly, that they’ll never have political representation again.

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