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Monday, December 07, 2020

FreedomCovid LoopholesUK "High-value business travelers" are exempt from UK Covid quarantine rules. In case you were wondering, no, you are not a high-value business traveler.

In the United States, the powerful and connected only pretend to feel badly when they are caught sneaking around doing things the little people are not permitted to do.

In the UK, they have the common decency to just say it out loud.

Some people are just more important than you.

Who is exempt?

"Individuals undertaking specific business activity which would deliver a significant benefit to the UK economy – including activity that creates or preserves 50+ UK jobs – will no longer need to self-isolate when travelling or returning from non-exempt countries."

"Creates or preserves" 50+ UK jobs"

I could see this being handy.

Border Agent: I'm afraid you'll have to quarantine.

CFO: If I have to quarantine I'll fire 50 people.

Border Agent: In that case you're exempt.

There are other exceptions as well that should not at all make you furious.

"Exemptions will also come into force at the same time for domestic and international performing arts professionals, TV production staff, journalists and recently signed elite sportspersons, ensuring that industries which require specific, high-talent individuals who rely on international connections can continue to complete their work."

These all make perfect sense, of course. Performing arts professionals and TV production are absolutely essential to the maintenance of life itself.


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