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Sunday, September 12, 2021

More children in Chicago have been shot than died from COVID

  •  Guess which deaths are the focus of the Left?  
  • Guess the race of the dead children. 
  • To the Left, Black Lives and Black children are disposable.

More children have been the victims of gun violence in Chicago this year than have died from COVID-19 across the entire country, according to police and the Centers for Disease Control and Protection.

The CDC reported that 214 children 17-years old or younger have died of COVID-19 nationwide so far this year — compared to 261 Chicago kids who have been victims of gunfire in Chicago, according to police statistics reported by Fox News.

More children have been fatally shot on the streets of Chicago than have died of COVID-19 in the state of Illinois.

Police reported 41 deaths of children under 18 in Chicago so far this year. In the state of Illinois, deaths of children from COVID-19 totaled 25, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

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