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Sunday, September 05, 2021

But the real question is why the MSM is dead set against people using Invermectin


We’ve got to talk about the Rolling Stone invermectin article. Turns out the story about rural hospitals so flooded with ODs that they couldn’t treat other patients was made up, entirely invented.

A lot of people took the bait, and I’ve got the screenshots.⤵️ 

First, for context, here’s the original piece from Rolling Stone, and the Hospital stating that the story is BS and the person quotes has not worked at that hospital in months.

There are a couple of dead give-aways that make the story suspect at the very beginning

  • The picture of people lined up shows them dressed for cold weather. It's hotter than hell there right now.
  • This s small-town America. People rarely get shot, and certainly not in numbers that they crowd emergency rooms. This is not Chicago or New York.

The hospital is quoted as saying the story was BS and that the one (one!) person the story quotes doesn’t work at that hospital anymore (and hasn’t in months).
Read the whole thing. All b because one famous person took Ivermectin after getting sick with Covid and got well ina few days.

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