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Monday, September 06, 2021

The Big Lie

 IT WAS ALWAYS A LIE: Salena Zito: Our Bargain for Normal is Failing. “Leading into Election Day last year, two of the biggest reasons people gave in interviews for voting for Joe Biden were to sense a return to normal and a little empathy for their struggles.”

The funny thing is, the stuff that the left hated about Trump — an America-first approach to trade and foreign policy, a pushback against wokeism, border controls — is all actually normal stuff. That’s why the left hated it. And Trump had more empathy for the struggles of normal people than the left, which hates normal people, could even pretend to have.

The only thing abnormal about Trump’s presidency was the four-year hysterical shit-fit thrown by the left and the media. That should have been punished, not rewarded. Instead, well, we have this disastrous presidency that unsurprisingly turns out to have been founded on a big lie.

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