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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The AP's Fictions: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.

Let’s call it like it is: the AP has no credibility left. Its writing is tendentious, it reports fables. Here’s the latest example from Flopping Aces:

Bob at Confederate Yankee has discovered that the AP is up to it's old tricks. This time it was in a report about 20 beheaded bodies found 14 miles southeast of Baghdad. Sounds gruesome right? Kinda like people dragged out of a mosque and set on fire....

And just like the Jamil Hussein story, when you first read it your first instinct is to gasp in horror. Then you read on about who supplied the information to those straight shooting and completely honest AP reporters:...

One of the police officers is based in Baghdad and the other in Kut, 100 miles southeast of the capital. The Baghdad officer said he learned of the discovery because Iraq's Interior Ministry, where he works, sent troops to the village to investigate. The Kut officer said he first heard the report through residents of the Salman Pak area.

100 miles from Baghdad? Huh? And the Baghdad officer heard of it from reports that came in from Iraqi troops sent there through the MoI....Sound a bit familiar?Jamil Hussein worked in a specific area of Baghdad, a very large urban city, but reported on incidents throughout the region, incidents many miles away and areas covered by other police stations, but still...the AP bought it hook, line and sinker. It fit with their views of the Iraq war so how could it not be true.Now we have a story about 20 beheaded bodies written with not one eyewitness but based on 3rd and 4th hand accounts of people who know people who know people who went to the scene.And this is the kind of reporting the MSM expects us to accept nowadays?

Michael Fumento comments:
Do you recall in my Weekly Standard article on Afghanistan where I said that one of the AP reporters I was quartered with said he thought 9/11 was a hoax? And he was no stringer; he worked directly for the agency. When you hire people like THAT you get stories like THIS.

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