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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stealing Araft's Nobel Peace Prize

Hamas thugs, not showing any reverence for the memory of that old pederast Yasser Arafat, raided his home, stole his Nobel Peace Prize and also took away his wife and daughter’s shoes and clothing.

Arafat’s widow Suha has been comfortably ensconced in luxurious European digs on a pension of $100,000 monthly (paid for by the Palestinian Authority) or £12 million per year (depending on whom you believe).

So the question almost asks itself, with the Palestinian Authority involved in a civil war, is poor old Suha going to continue to receive her pension? And where will she live?

Belmont Club notes:
Sometimes humiliation isn't something other people do to you as much as something you do to yourself. This was foreshadowed by the looting of the multi-million dollar greenhouses bequeathed to the Palestinian people. It continued with the bombing of the Internet cafes, the attacks on hospitals, the burning of music stores. It goes on every time delighted gunmen fire their automatic rifles in the air and are surprised to find the bullets eventually come down and kill somebody. Every time a "militant" blows up a bridge, or a power pylon, an oil pipeline or a beautiful seaside resort, it is not a glorious event. That's just the fantasy of an over-wrought journalist. Plainly speaking, it's just another bullet in the foot.


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MSF said...

I didn't know that Yassar Arafat was a pederast. Really?

Moneyrunner said...

That's the word.