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Monday, June 18, 2007

Some additional environmental ideas for the Denver government.

Ah, the Nanny State! So here are few suggestions that our elected officials
should certainly be willing to go along with:

1.There shall be no use of private jets for official travel when commercial service is available; this is a purely green idea.

2.Reiumbursement for auto travel on official business for all city employees shall be based on the cost-per-mile of the highest-mileage car available on the market.

3.There shall be no reimbursement for parking at DIA, or for mileage driven to DIA; employees will be reimbursed for the cost of using public transportation to get to and from the airport

4.City government parking lots, used by city government workers, shall also set aside an increasing number of slots for hybrid and E-85 cars.

5.Since timely maintenance saves gas, all elected official shall be required to report what cars are used in their households, and to maintain on file with the city up-to-date maintenance records

6.Since driving uses less gas than idling, the city shall be required to conduct a comprehensive review of its traffic light timing, and to re-time the lights in the most
efficient manner

And from some comments:

7. Since high-speed driving wastes fuel and creates excess carbon emissions, any city official ticketed for speeding shall be fined twice the standard amount, and three such offenses shall result in dismissal of employees, or a fine equal to three (3) months' salary and benefits for elected officials.

8. All city vehicles except marked police patrol cars shall be the most fuel-efficient available, regardless of other considerations. City officials may maintain larger vehicles at their own expense, but see rule 2.

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