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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Episcopal Priest And Muslim At the Same Time

It's impossible to satirize the Episcopal Church. Mark Steyn passes on this bit of ecclesiastical mummery. The leadership of the Episcopal Church in America has not been Christian for years. Many in the pew are there out of habit. But that habit is fading fast when the church becomes a joke.
It's never wise to satirize the Episcopal Church. Four years ago, after the appointment of the "openly gay" Bishop of New Hampshire, Scrappleface offered the following headline:

Episcopal Church Appoints First Openly-Muslim Bishop

Today The Seattle Times brings us this story:

Shortly after noon on Fridays, the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding ties on a black headscarf, preparing to pray with her Muslim group on First Hill.

On Sunday mornings, Redding puts on the white collar of an Episcopal priest.

She does both, she says, because she's Christian and Muslim.


John Hindraker at Powerline notes:
This story gives us a clue as to why the Episcopal church is not exactly thriving these days.

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