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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Congress Is Doomed!

Senate majority Leader Harry Reid’s approval ratings have dropped to 19%, tying Scooter Libby’s ratings and Reid has (not yet) been convicted of a felony.

Congress as a whole has an approval rating of 27% which is 2 percentage point lower than President Bush’s ratings. Prior to promoting the immigration reform bill which has been called an amnesty bill, his approval rating was at 35%.

House Speaker Pelosi’s approval rating at 36% is significantly below Newt Gingrich’s approval rating of 46% after he led the Republicans to victory in 1994.

Any way you view it - from ethics reform (Congressman Jefferson and the earmark fiasco), to partisan hearings (reminding people of the contentious Clinton years), to “the war is lost and the generals are incompetent” braying of the Democrat leaders, it is hard to remember a time when a new majority has worn out its welcome so fast.

Why is that? The primary reason is that the Leftist “nutroots” have reinforced all the worst aspects of a partisan majority. Harry Reid now has to pander to the very Leftmost radicals in his coalition, and this colorless partisan hack lives in an echo chamber where insulting the troops and the generals on the ground is viewed favorably. Bob Beckel, no Conservative he, said
There’s something about Harry Reid and the left of bloggers that has gotten, there’s a marriage gone on there. I mean, frankly I think they got much too much influence over him.

When you have someone whose natural tendency is to throw bombs, and you have a rooting section that’s egging him on, you have a recipe for political disaster. And with the advent of Fox News, talk radio, and the blogosphere, the MSM can no longer cover for the congress and its leaders.

It's timer for congress to admit defeat, and pull out. Perhaps a re-deployment to Okinawa would be appropriate.

Congressional Limbo: How low can they go? Bush approval, 29%. Democrat congress? 23%. And one has to think that the only reason it is holding at that level is that Nancy Pelosi is keeping her mouth shut more often.

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