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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Incompetent Harry Reid

From Captain's Quarters:

So Harry Reid, the man who couldn't get a supplemental spending bill completed in less than 108 days, is calling Pace and Petraeus incompetent.

That's the same Harry Reid who couldn't get the Democrats' "100 Hours" pledges to fruition in over 120 days and counting. In fact, this is the same Majority Leader that has led the least-accomplished session of Congress in a generation.

And just for the record, it's the same Harry Reid who insisted that he would never bring back the immigration bill if it failed its cloture test -- and then tried for a second cloture, declaring that also a "final" action -- and lost again.

That's the man calling Pace and Petraeus incompetent.

Got it.

UPDATE: I almost forgot -- the same Harry Reid who voted to confirm Petraeus in January!

UPDATE: There is a lot of humor in the comment following the posting by Captain Ed. some Liberals contended that the denials of some Liberal bloggers meant that Reid did not call the generals incompetent. Time and reality then caught up when Reid confirmed his comments.

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Anonymous said...

When I heard the Senate Majority Leader's latest remarks, I thought back to Dennis Miller's advice to him last Sunday night. Advice that because of his stupidity he shouldn't make any more public comments. Reid has outdone himself and made Miller's rant seem too kind. It's most unfortunate that imbeciles like Reid are allowed to play with real people's lives and cast doubt on people whose shoes he isn't worthy to shine. I can only hope, for him, that what goes around comes around, and soon. Maybe with an approval rating below the president's that's already coming true. In light of that, keep it up Harry.