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Monday, June 18, 2007

A Good Blog Posting and a Great Reply

Following an essay on a Mark Twain character Sidney Sawyer, a repulsive snitch:

This is why I left the dreadful sisterhood of feminism, all she could do to break the glass ceiling was to castrate her way to the top while sucking out wombs at the bottom.

Nasty creatures those feminists, as a woman I am ashamed of what became of my gender. Gloria Steinem may have burned our bras but she left a legacy of sagging sized-DDD siliconed breasts hanging onto skeletal, anorexic bodies with botoxed stiffened faces endlessly screaming and whinning about the plight of Eve Ensler's vagina.

At 45, I am the last of the babyboomer sisterhood generation and I empathize with the reason males my age want nothing to do with women; Feminists turned us into the creepy creatures even I want to run away from.

Wow! What a comment!

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