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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Talk Radio and "Fairness"

There is hardly anything that is a more naked power grab – beyond McCain Feingold – that re-introducing the “fairness doctrine” on talk radio. This is a particularly bad time to do it for the Democrats because the Conservative base is charged up after having defeated the amnesty bill.

A comment by Powerline:

The Democrats have handed conservatives a golden issue by attempting to bring down talk radio. Congressman Mike Pence offered an amendment to the FCC act today that would bar any use of funds for the re-establishment of the "fairness doctrine," whereby the government would be empowered to dictate the political content of talk radio and broadcast television. (This would obviously be unconstitutional.) This morning, I attended a press conference put on by Pence and the co-sponsors of his amendment, including Minnesota's Michele Bachmann. It was a fun event. It is hard to imagine how the Democrats could give Republicans a better issue than their effort to put talk radio out of business. The Pence Amendment passed this afternoon, but, somewhat surprisingly, 115 Democrats--most of the Democrats present--voted against it. So we'll be able to abuse the Dems on their opposition to free speech for some time to come.

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