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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth Non Update

I had lunch with my wife at Red Robin and the TV was tuned to CNN which was LIVE EARTH all the way. I'm rather glad the volume was turned down but the picture was BOOOOORING and full of old people with mustaches and thinning hair!

Mark Steyn is - as usual - light years ahead of my poor powers to add or detract, so let's let him tell it:

I don't know about the rest of the gang but I was kinda looking forward to spending the weekend doing cracks about rock stars taking their private jets halfway round the world to tell the little people why they need to sell the second-hand Honda Civic and get back on the bus. But to be honest my heart's not in berating the rock colossi for their carbon footprints of clay. The way this thing's going it looks like, thanks to Al Gore, all-star charity galas will be joining the polar bears on his endangered species list.

I want to bequeath the wonders of this earth to the next generation, but I worry that my grandchildren will never know the feeling that you've totally demonstrated your tremendous concern and commitment to taking action just by going to a concert and staying until halfway through the George Michael set when he started doing stuff from the new album. I worry that my grandchildren will never know the thrill of being hectored by Bono and Bob Geldof, and that many already rare species will simply vanish from the earth - Seventies supergroups who've not yet had a long-awaited charity-gala reunion, hot young acts who haven't had the chance to cover "Imagine" with the lights down and everybody in the stadium holding disposable lighters, Eighties girl groups who've not yet reunited for a Playboy shoot, the last three celebrities who haven't duetted with Elton John, bald-headed Eagles doing the 50th anniversary performance of "Hotel California"...

On the other hand, if Cat Stevens goes down well, Jihad Aid might have legs.

I'm showing my age - and my interests - when I tell you that I would not know these people if they knocked me down on the street.

UPDATE: From al Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) - They rocked the world, but as the clean-up at nine
climate change gigs around the globe begins, many wonder if the galaxy of pop
stars did much to change it.


Peter A. Stinson said...

You do realize that some day you'll be old with thinning hair... Youth, sadly, doesn't last forever.

There's a slight part of me that hopes with age you'll become more accepting. ;-)

Moneyrunner said...

Peter, Peter, Peter.

You really should avoid making assumptions about people you have never met and don't know.

Including their age and the amount of their hair.

Moneyrunner said...


That was "Peter The Progressive" doing what progessives do: jumping to conclusions, classifying people and displaying passive agressive behavior.

You can come to your own conclusions about what impels a man to put his picture up with his comments.

Peter A. Stinson said...

Picture? Automatic. Perhaps you could coach me on how to turn it off.

Progressive? Let me think about that.

Sarcasm? The meter is off sometimes.

And you?

Of course, if you didn't post pseudonymously, perhaps I wouldn't have to jump to conclusions. I've never been one to hide.

In fun and dry humor, I remain,

Your humble servant,

/s/ Peter

Moneyrunner said...

Peter my friend,

Turning the picture on required some effort on your part, no? What impelled you to do that?

Jumping to conclusions is never a good idea.

Progressive is your self-description, right?