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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stan the Muslim Tells Us How To Fight the Infidel

I have wondered how Jihadis get their ideas without actually ... you know ... travelling to a training camp or having a meeting. Well, here's one way: the Internet is creating communities including communities of Muslim Jihadis.

For example, with you know:

Everywhere possible use enemy's resources in enemy's
places to the maximum – use gasoline to the max
keeping cars on, turn on electricity everywhere
possible all the time, run water and use water all the
time and use more tissues and toilet paper – all these
are actually not in great number – just the illusion
of stripping world of its resources that some places
just get supplied with everything more than others but
in reality these are all not plentiful resources. This
activity will run up all bills everywhere – don't do
this in your own places but in all enemy places – take
longer showers, use more soap to wash hands – keep
electricity on.
Followers will use their training and their bodies and
hands and feet to beat up enemy wherever possible;
followers will use non-sharp but hitting objects like
tools, hammers, sticks, golf clubs to beat enemy up;
followers will use sharp objects to carry out
stabbings and stabbing attacks and will slash throats
and cut enemy; followers will use guns, rifles,
shotguns, machineguns to do individual murders against
enemy; followers will do massive shootings attacks
killing and injuring many enemy in all places where
enemy can be found in big numbers; followers will use
sniper warfare; followers will do controlled
explosions using even being far away and will do
suicide bombings and will lay explosive traps to do
roadside bombings in enemy countries; followers will
use deceptive tactics like drive up to checkpoints if
called over for a check and blow themselves up killing
the best of the best doing guard duties; followers
will do drive-by shooting; followers in teams will
shoot up enemy cars on road. All these are to be done
also and especially in enemy countries on enemy
Use of poisons wherever possible is good. Also
throwing things like nails and sharp things onto enemy
roads to damage tires – very popular is slashing tires
and destroying windows of cars and homes with
slingshots and rocks. Using rocks to hurt others.

There's lots of other good stuff. Some of it has been used in our elections in Milwaukee by the Democrats.

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