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Friday, July 06, 2007

Patterico Indicted for Perjury

In this post, I stated that I was prevented from posting comments at Patterico's Pontifications.
I have read Patterico’s Pontifications frequently (although I have been prevented from posting on his web site) and have found myself in agreement with much of his commentary.
It is now apparent that Mr. Frey, using the exact reasoning that he uses to convict Scooter Libby of perjury, can be accused, and convicted of the same thing (assuming I had a sympathetic jury).

He has posted my comment and states:


I have not banned you. I have an overactive spam filter.

I replied (on his website which again blocked as of this time):
Patterico, I did not say you banned me. I said that “I have been prevented from posting on his web site.” See how easy it is to misinterpret someone even though the plain text is in front of you? If I wanted to indict you for perjury I may even have a case. “Your Honor, Mr. Frey persists in claiming I was banned despite the fact that I never made that claim. In fact, I specifically avoided making that claim. How can he possibly claim that his memory failed him when he was in a position to refer to my POST AT THE TIME HE REPLIED! Moreover, there are multiple witnesses (how many are on this thread?) who will testify that I never claimed that I was banned.”
Perhaps your mistake was due to the fact that you had other things on your mind, like Scooter Libby. But I’m really not going to accept that from you because I can put your head up on my wall. Just like a special prosecutor who will remain nameless.

Like Patrick Fitzgerald, I have unlimited resources (it costs me nothing to post)and I have a point to make. I just wish I could get someone to make a judgement that Frey needs to pay a quarter of a million dollars, spend 30 months in jail and lose his law licence.

UPDATE: (sarcasm warning)

Ah, you say, the perjury is obvious, but where is the underlying crime? Well, using the reasoning given by the prosecutor, and now by many on the Left like E.J Dionne, Frey’s excuse of an overactive spam filter may well be a lie; a cover up! How can we know based on Frey’s unsupported statement? Who does Frey work for? Who's he REALLY protecting? A conspiracy, I tell you, to keep me from his website and expose the nefarious deeds of his puppet masters!

The Humanity!

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