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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat and Car Bombs?

I posted HERE about the Associated Press not being able to figure out what those Mohammads who were part of the doctors’ plot in England have in common.

Doug Giles at makes a similar observation about the British press:

Hey, didn’t you just love the spin spun last weekend from the various news agencies across the pond regarding the origins of these monstrous MDs? We were told that these tools were “Asians.” Asians?

I’m thinking … have the Japanese gone and attacked our snaggle-toothed brethren? No?

Has some Fu Man Choo from China begun to give our allies the big fongool? Strike two?

I know . . . those sweet old Tibetan monks have now broken bank and gone bonkers on Great Britain? I always knew that whole “peace and love stuff” they were selling was a bunch of crap. No, not them either? So, if it wasn’t Japan, China or Tibet—then who was it?

Was it the Mongolians, North Koreans, Vietnamese, East Timorites—or was it a bunch of Dr. Evils from Laos! What? I’m not even close? Dang it!

I know . . . you guys were probably talking about the rock band, Asia? That’s it. Did Downes, Wetton, Howe and Palmer become terrorists after their third album tanked in ‘85? Is that whodunit? No? Crap! What people group are you talkin’ about when you say the culprits were Asian?

What’s that? You say the terrorists were from western Asia? Oh, okay. However, most people who live not in the land of BSville normally just call “Western Asians” who try to kill people with gasoline and buckets of nails “Middle Eastern Muslim radicals.”

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