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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Where do Muslim Doctors Stand?

Bob Lonsberry:
I hope they were better doctors than they were bombers.

As jihad boys, these Muslim quacks in England were just about useless. Just a bunch of stethoscope-carrying wannabes.

I guess education makes you soft.

But apparently it doesn’t make you civilized.

We learned last week that not only was the big bomb plot in London and Glasgow pulled off by Muslims – wow, whoda thunk it – it was pulled off my Muslim doctors.


Anyway, apparently a bunch of immigrant Muslim doctors got talking in the hospital cafeteria one day and decided it would be fun to kill a bunch of infidels. At least that’s as good an explanation as any. It seems that as many as six Muslim doctors who had no prior connection to one another met casually and decided to form a terror cell.

All they had in common was their religion.

So they decided to become terrorists.

Which is kind of surprising because you would figure that, as they felt around looking for more jihad doctors, they would have found some who weren’t interested. I mean, if so-called extremist Muslims are actually extreme, wouldn’t you think that there’d be fewer of them? And that it would be kind of hard to pull together a terror cell out of a rather small group of Muslim doctors in a couple of British hospitals?

And if in their efforts to find likeminded religious butchers, isn’t it likely that they came across at least one or two doctors who turned down their invitation to blow up hundreds of innocent Christians and Jews? And if they did find doctors who didn’t want to play boom-boom, don’t you think those doctors might have wanted to alert the authorities?

Well, the answer is no either way.

Either they didn’t find any Muslim doctors who didn’t want to be terrorists, or the ones they did find didn’t blow the whistle on them – which makes them accomplices to terrorists.

The bottom line is if your doctor’s last name isn’t O’Malley or Sanchez or Stapinski or Schwartz or Cohen or Constantino, you better hope he’s a Hindu.

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