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Sunday, September 30, 2007

NY Times Iraq Security Staff Threatens Neighbor With Death

Blackwater, anyone?

It seems that the local management of the NY Times office in Baghdad has been making death threats against a man trying to open a store in property he owns next to the building rented by the NY Times:

Friday November 14th, about 1:30PM - Ali went to our property adjacent to your Baghdad office with two workmen. Per a previous understanding with your security guards he parked where they told him to park about 30m distance. He then walked to our property and entered the house with his two workmen. Up to this point Ali's actions were with the knowledge and permission of your guards.

A few minutes later Basim arrived in front of the house and dressed down the guards for allowing Ali access. At this time Ali was inside our house and the guards and Basim were outside the house. The conversation was audible through the windows. Ali then came out to investigate the disturbance.

Basim began shouting at my brother. He used foul language. At some point Basim grabbed a rifle from a guard, pointed it at my brother's head and said "I shoot you and shoot your car if I see you here again." Ali replied "There is no law that prevents my access to my property." While still holding the rife to my brothers head, Basim replied "Let the law protect you" and knocked my brother to the ground.

Basim concluded by stating "You Iraqis, there is no way to talk to you except by using force"

Susan Sachs, the chief of the NY Times bureau has apparently shrugged her shoulders, "whatever" and walked away from this violent confrontation.

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