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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Don Luzatto, it’s not you … scratch that …. It’s you, not me.

Tea Party envy was running rampant in today’s Virginian Pilot as editorial page editor Donny Luzatto tried to equate the Tea Party with the Occupy Wall Street movement and it’s bastard offspring. According to Donny, they are both saying there’s something wrong with “the system.”

Wrong, big government breath.

The Tea Party’s focus is on big government, big taxes, big regulation, and big national debt. The Tea Party is a middle-class uprising. It took its energy to change, and in many cases take over, the Republican Party. They entered politics and helped win elections. They are in the process of transforming the Republicans from the party of Democrats-on-a-budget to Conservatives-with-momentum.

Occupy Wall Street is completely different. They are not seeking to change the Democrats. They mean to gain power with political theater. They don’t believe in the political system in which voters decide on who governs. They are in the streets rather than at the ballot box because there is no market for what they are selling:
  • Jews are behind the collapse of the economy;
  • Capitalism should be overturned;
  • I went to college majoring in Angry Wymen’s Studies racking up a hundred thousand dollar debt, I can’t get a job with that major, I am angry that my college loan bills are so big, corporations are at fault, and the answer is more government.
Try polling that primal scream and see how that sells.

So they will stay in the streets and get advice from reporters on how to convey their message without scaring the hell out of the people. And if they have sex in public, defecate on cars or their anti-Semitic rants get too loud, if both the Nazis and the Communists join the Occupy Wall Street movement,  don’t worry, Donny and his friends will make sure it doesn’t show up in your paper or on the alphabet networks. The Occupy Wall Street movement is the Left’s everlasting yelp against free enterprise; a demand the government replaces business wherever it’s found. It’s why they march on a select few billionaires homes – the conservative ones – and vote for Barack Obama, “President Goldman Sachs.”

We do have a problem. Thanks to Donny and his allies in the MSM the American people were sold a community organizer in the last election. Community organizers don’t know jack shit about how business works but they know how to apply pressure to government bureaucrats. They know how to get government grants, government jobs and how to get their spouses high paying jobs in hospitals in return for directing tax money to those hospitals. In other words, they know how to work the system and when they get to be president, all restraints are off.

So when the economy hits a tough spot, they know that you can’t let a good emergency go to waste. They know that they can flush a trillion dollars down the drain and hand out billions to their contributors, all the while laughing that "shovel ready" was sucker bait for the boobs in the media.  Whoops.  Too bad you millions of unemployed, suck it up, we'll extend unemployment benefits, now shut up.

Well, the “down the drain” isn’t really true.

Lots of the money was flushed into the pockets of public employees who emptied it into coffers of their unions who gave it right back to Mr. Community Organizer in the form of campaign contributions.

Lots of the money was shipped to banks and favored Wall Street firms who in gratitude send lots of that money back to Mr. Community Organizer in the form of campaign contributions.

Lots of that money was sent to “green energy” firms like Solyndra which promptly declares bankruptcy, but not before its billionaire backers get first dibs on the carcass and who send lots of money back to Mr. Community Organizer in the form of campaign contributions.

Lots of that money goes to luxury sports car maker Fisker motors which builds $100,000 cars in Finland and who is well connected to bundlers for Mr. Community Organizer who got lots of money in the form of campaign contributions.

To say that this is a “systems” problem is wrong. It’s not a system that’s gone astray. It’s a government that has been taken over by a community organizer who believes that every decision he has made is right. Who has taken control of a bloated government – built by Liberals to do just about anything it wants – and is exercising the power to run the country and its finances as his own “stash” (as one of his supporters put it so eloquently after his election) and for his own pleasure.

The Tea Party participant is saying that the government should not have been allowed to grow to its hypertrophied size in the first place BECAUSE of what can happen if anyone like Mr. Community Organizer gets into office.

The Occupy Wall Street camper is saying that the problem is that Mr. Community Organizer hasn’t done enough; hasn't driven a stake through he heart of capitalism, allows the Jews to stay in America.

Donny’s saying that he doesn’t know how to solve the problem and that’s because he doesn’t understand the problem. He thinks that the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Streeters are the same. He doesn’t see that – at the core – the problem is him.


LizanneFan said...

The Occupiers want to stick it to the Man by having the Man give them more money.

What a concept!

Reeceloui said...

It focus on big government, big taxes, big regulation, and big civic debt.

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