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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Message to Peggy Noonan: "F**k Off" you ugly old white skank.

Peggy Noonan was one of the Rhino-Republicans who helped Barack Obama win the presidency. I was reminded of this by Kyle-Anne Shiver:
When Sarah Palin lifted her pit-bull-in-lipstick foot to the Republican stage in 2008, it took all of five minutes for her to get the rhetorical bulls eye on her forehead. The same Peggy Noonan declared on an open mike that with Palin’s nomination, the election was “all over.”
Here’s Noonan in 2008 on Morning Joe (start at 5:10):

When Obama broke his pledge to take public funds for his campaign (opening his coffers to undocumented credit card contributions from people like Mr. Goodwill Hunting) Noonan insisted that this was not a man who broke his word, but someone who “came to play.”

According to Noonan, Obama wasn’t a Chicago machine politician who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years hearing him spout racist, anti-Semitic, God Damn America sermons; he was “Obambi,” a harmless cuddly little fawn.

Noonan gushes about the ad Obama was running about embracing his “middle American” values, never questioning where he would have gotten these values; Hawaii, Columbia, Harvard, the faculty lounge, Chicago, talking with Bill Ayers, listening to Reverend Wright, buying real estate from Tony Rezko?

Noonan on Obama: “he’s not new on the scene, he’s like us and he’s fabulous.”

Noonan on John McCain during the 2008 campaign: no war hero, just “ … an old white man.”

And Peggy Noonan on Obama’s spiritual advisor, the aforementioned Jeremiah Wright?
He seems like a bright man, warm, humorous and compelling, but also needful and demanding of the spotlight,… What happened with Mr. Wright should not determine the race. Mr. Obama's stands, his ability to convince us he can make good change, his ability to be "one of us," that great challenge for a national politician in a varied nation, should determine the race. … But I am finding it hard to feel truly upset about what Mr. Wright has said.
Noonan says she disagrees with what Wright says.  How can she not and still show her face? But, there’s always the BUT: ignore the fact that his sermons are racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic and full of hate for America; he’s bright, warm, humorous and compelling. Compelling? What is compelling about what Wright is saying; the hatred of white people, or Jews, or America?

And she follows up with a plea for America to be fooled. She wants Obama to be able to convince us that he can make good change, he’s "one of us."

So today, having helped sell America on Obama, telling us that – except for the bitter clingers – he’s one of us, she find his stock sinking in value and all of a sudden, she’s “one of us” again.

Debbie Schlussel Has her pegged (March 2008): Peggy Noonan: Delusional Obama Gusher, Rev. Wright Apologist & Phony Conservative

I have a message for Peggy Noonan and all the rest of her friends, fuck off and die. We don’t need you, we don’t trust you and we’re not looking for your advice. We see where that led and you’re not welcome.


Anonymous said...

Someone had to say it - thank you. I have felt betrayed by Noonan since 08. And I was a big fan. She will never redeem herself no matter what she says. WT in San Diego

thisishabitforming said...

Writing some of the most eloquent words Reagan ever spoke, made you think she thought like Reagan. Writing "What I Saw at the Revolution" made you think she thought like Reagan. Since then, you wonder who she really is or was.

Phil said...

"...I have a message for Peggy Noonan and all the rest of her friends, fuck off and die. We don’t need you, we don’t trust you and we’re not looking for your advice. We see where that led and you’re not welcome."

Extremely well put. Thanks!

Rose said...

Lately, Peggy's Kool-Aid shot has been wearing off, and she has had harsh words for Obama. BUT - Like Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan gets it - and then doesn't.

They've got split personalities, clinging to their vision of what Obama must have been. That beautiful mirror reflecting back to them all their hopes and dreams. The feet of clay. The bitter realization that he isn't and never was plastered over every time with the tattered remnants of their imaginary Obama.

Dowd usually starts her column with the plaster, but as she writes, she warms up and the truth, which she DOES now see, surfaces.

Noonan is the opposite, calls it right down the line, and then pulls back in horror at what she sees behind the curtain, and tries to reassure herself it's not that bad.

It's the oddest thing. These bright, strong, powerful women, lost, and trying to extricate themselves from the quicksand, but only halfheartedly.

Listen. Ladies. He isn't. He never was. It was plain as day, if you had only looked behind the facade. You, for whom words are a living, should have felt the hair rise on the back of your neck. Understanding the dishonest use of words to paint a false picture - should be the prerequisite to Journalism 101.

Now you will profess to be wise, and will claim to be applying this new standard to every new candidate, and will end up smearing honest people, and applying that new standard to any conservative in sight - "progressives" will still skate. Such is the legacy of your folly - and of Obama and the Progressive left with all their lies and snake oil.

It makes me sad for you.

#OccupyWhiteHouse2012 - the world depends on it.

Moneyrunner said...

From Peggy's employer, the Wall Street Journal "Please stop sending me this garbage."

Moneyrunner said...

Rose and thisishabitforming,

These people so wanted to believe that they will never let go of their dreams.

Anonymous said...

Moneyrunner!!!! Now there's a name you can really trust. So you expect people to trust your opinion with a name like that? If you are such a student of history why not use your real name or are you part of slew of wantabee bloggers who call themselves writers? You think calling Peggy Noonan names adds to the debate? Give a break. You are so uneducated if you ask me and I am a real writer not a pretend one Money runner. The F-word is not a word you use to describe a veteran writer and political expert, but in the blogger world you can hide behind so much. Get a life and grow up. Your blog is a joke and if you want people to take it seriously maybe you should use your real name and clean up your dirty mouth. Than again why bother and you can sit there and hide behind moneyrunner and pretend you know something when in fact you are really just part of the bproblem!!!!!!!!!!!! You really should be ashamed of yourself. Marie Officer's wife!

Anonymous said...

Just becuase you don't agree with Peggy Noonan does not mean she should be burned at the stake idiots! It's called dialouge!

Be part of the solution not the problem. I can see with the tiny amount of traffic here you attract the few, but not the many and how could you!!!!!! I am not a liberal and I do dislike Obama's policies and so does Peggy Noonan.

When you are a writer you write in an educated fashion not by using slurs and curse words. What a joke this blog is. OMG

Moneyrunner said...

Dear Anonymous , spell check is your friend. What is a Marie Officer? And you may have to get a new key for your exclamation mark (!), you are wearing yours out.

Anonymous said...

It is rather sad reading Noonan these days. She is unable to admit that her read on Obama was totally wrong and yet she sees that his presidency is a disaster for America. Though she remains a talented writer, she no longer possess the credibility that she once had. If she could not see in 2008 what was obvious to many or most of her readers, that Obama was a narcissistic Marxist fool, why should those readers trust her judgement on anything else?

Anonymous said...

Hey - Marie Officer's wife!
Troll somewhere else please. I like your post regardless of the traffic or Marie Officer's wife. PS close by in VB.
Bottom line all of the MSM RINO conservatives or should I say closet democrats missed the boat so bad that it is hard to believe it was not intentional.
Although I am not a journolist member I saw the fake (BO) clear as day. Here is hoping I do not have to hold my nose and vote for Mitt (another fake).
If you are still reading this please vote Cain at “”.
For all you real journolist types (Marie Officer's wife) he is the real deal and a thank god a real leader.
I know this concept is might be too simple for you to understand after working so hard to make BO that person (a leader – barf) and I also know this will shock you coming from a non-professional like myself but hey I was right about BO. Of course I was not alone at least 46 million others saw though this fake also.
Reading people is really not that hard unfortunately for America you professional's (Marie Officer's wife) decided not to read BO but instead just write about him and since he kept his life hidden you guys had to flat out make it up. I guess that what professional like (Marie Officer's wife) do.
Thanks for exposing yourselves as the real fools.
Move along now and try doing your Job "investigative reporting". There is still as ton of rocks to turnover on the current CNC. Lord only knows how bad he truly thanks to you professionals (Marie Officer's wife).