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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street – What Happens to the Money that’s being Donated?

Teresa in Ft. Worth has raised a very good issue:
Aside from the valuable lesson that is hopefully starting to sink in about the truth of the ”welfare state” to the post-collegiate idealists who are there (they aren’t really thrilled with the increasing numbers of do-nothings who are showing up with their hands out and no willingness to do any work), I have a feeling they are about to get broad-sided by the reality of the scope of human greed.

You see, monetary donations have been POURING in.
Where's the money?

Who's getting a cut?

Where's the money going to end up?

All of the stuff the OWS's use, food, electricity, a park to occupy, police protection, condoms, etc. is being donated or supplied by the city. So where's the money going and who's getting rich off the OWS protesters?

Read the whole thing and thanks to The Other McCain for the link.

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