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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"And Glenn Beck is the Crazy One?"

That’s one side of what people want, right, cause that’s not the only thing people want. they also want to take the bank out of his fucking tower and string him up in the public square.. That’s not that’s not just the crazy left, that’s everyday folks talking about their experiences.

And here's Mediaite making fun of Glenn Beck:
In case you hadn’t heard, Glenn Beck isn’t a fan of the Occupy Wall Street protests. However, unlike some others in the media he isn’t just laughing them off as silly hippies. On the contrary, the protesters should be comforted to know that Beck respects them a great deal. In fact, he respects them enough to think that they’re this close to dragging rich people into the street and murdering them.
Now, whether the OWS gangs will actually hang bankers from lamp posts is still an open question and it looks as if the police are finally hearing from the neighbors and enough video is showing up on the Internet to show people just how how radical, how hateful, how despicable (and for the most part how stupid)these people are. But it's not for the lack of will and its not for the hatred that's exhibited by the core of the people who are responsible for organizing these rallies.

Just once I would like the media clowns with their multi-million dollar contracts and their compounds in the Hamptons who rhapsodize about the OWS gang get surrounded by the mobs, their precious necks fitted for nooses and their feet leave the ground, hung from a tree limb or a lamp post. That's how the French Revolution proceeded; the revolution always eats its young.

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