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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Left Defends States Rights!

Ordinary garden variety hypocrites should hang their heads in shame; you have been outdistanced by the Liberals at the Virginian Pilot (but I repeat myself) who now claim the trophy as “Most Hypocritical” and retired it.

Remember how States Rights has always been characterized by the Left as a dog whistle for racism? That’s only until they find a state law that restricts its citizen’s rights under the second amendment to the constitution. All of a sudden, states’ rights are sacrosanct and who are those people in Washington to tell us what we can do to keep our darkies … uh enforce our restrictive … uh common sense gun laws from being overturned.

The next time you read some Left wing editorial writer talk about states’ rights as an argument for bringing back Jim Crow, trot out this delicious little tidbit of doublethink and laugh.

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