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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Killer Angel?

It appears that killing people is easier than creating jobs. Is Barack Obama morphing into the foreign affairs president, having determined that there is no chance of the economy turning around before the next election?

Who is next on the hit list?

Are those war drums beating for Iran part of the Obama re-election strategy?    I would not want to be and Iranian - or Syrian - leader right now, a dead Ahmadinejad or Assad could be a great boost for Obama's second term.

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thisishabitforming said...

I am surprised that the only person I have heard express concern that we just helped kill a head of state, unarmed and begging for his life, is Michael Savage. Savage is over the top for me but in this case I must agree. As I recall Sadam Hussein was captured and tried before being executed. Is this what Democracy looks like for the people we are backing in Libya? What is democracy but the rule of law?

I am just imagining if Bush was President and Obama was in the Senate, how these killings of Osama, al Alwaki, and now Qadafy would be viewed, particulary by Senator Obama, and Senator Durban and their ilk.

How far a stretch is it for the most liberal member of the US Senate, who campaigned on sitting down to talk with our enemies with no preconditions, is now the President who knocks off his enemies with drone attacks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but anyone who includes "the international secret societies constitute the “Establishment” and they are the real makers and the drivers in America." is nuts and whatever point being made is immediately discarded.
"we just helped kill a head of state, unarmed and begging for his life" We didnt shoot him, and dropping a bunch of cops into that mess to take custody of him would be problematic at best. The guy is responsible for the deaths of a lot of Americans as well as who knows how many Libyans. If being a ruthless dictator means your own people will kill you should they ever get the chance, then so be it. I look forward to voting against Obama, and I most certainly dont approve of him directing the military around without talking to congress, but I will not be losing any sleep about Qadafy getting himself killed. A non elected dictator who remains in power due to the brutality against his own people should not get some sort of "head of state" special disposition is idiotic. There is no moral equivalence between someone like that and a actually elected head of state. You want to complain about Obama end running around Congress with the drones, and/or bombing, knock yourself out. Qadafy and Obama got what they deserve. You declare war, you do not get the right to get arrested when you finally get cornered.

Anonymous said...

Given the lousy economy, his consequently sinking poll numbers,and lack of any uniformly popular accomplishments, one could be forgiven for thinking that Obama's ferocity is a bit of dog-wagging.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama - The ultimate chicken hawk? Where are all those on the left who planted that label on Cheney? Their silence says a lot about the left and its hypocracy.

caseym54 said...

His foreign policy is, if anything, worse than his economic policy.

Bowing to royalty
Chummy with (leftist) dictators
dissing the Iranian opposition
fumbling Iraq
fumbling Afghanistan
the $ kazillion "victory" over a goatherder in Libya
leading from behind
giving all our money to China
dissing Taiwan
dissing Israel
ignoring Syria

and its not even 3 years. IMAO is right: a bag of hammers would be better

Anonymous said...

I like what Obama is doing and i didnt vote for him.

I hope he kills Assad and Amadenjhad next and I bet they are scared stiff that he will too.

This guy is better than Reagan at bringin the crazy

Blue Collar Todd said...

Notice any difference when Bush got Saddam? At least there was a trial before the execution. Should this also give us insight into the kinds of people Obama is willing to partner with to achieve his policy objectives? Now we are left with the question about what follows once a dictator is fallen. The Left was calling for a Liberal Spring in America based on these Arab Springs and now they have it. Better hope the parallels end soon.

TMLutas said...

The political calculation is all about the jacksonians. The GOP has them on economic grounds come 2012 unless they foul it up (never to be entirely discounted with the stupid party) but Obama certainly is making a good case at his superiority in bumping off those that "need killin". The left will avert its gaze while this appeal is made in code talk all the way through to election day

The Ghost said...

Actually, killing people IS a lot easier than creating jobs. Killing people is what the government does best. Bad governments, good governments: if you need bodies on the floor, government is the way to go. It would be nice if Obama extended this wisdom to the rest of his governing philosophy.

The silliest part of this is that it really isn't going to make any difference except as a rhetorical prop for the beta male Obama primary voters who dehumanized Hillary. "Hey haters, you should THANK him for killing all these guys that Bush left behind...even though we voted for him three years ago because he was anti-war." Sure, let's thank him. Let's all get in a line and thank him for all he's done for us. I'm thinking a Tuesday next November.

Anonymous said...

He'd be happy to kill YOU too. He'll kill anyone who gets in his way. Am I right?

RightWingNutter said...

Obsessing about what happened to Qdaffy strikes me as a waste of time. Likewise the panties in a bunch about his not asking Congress for approval about the air strikes in Libya beyond the 60 day "limit."

I'd like a Republican president to have the option to do the same kinds of things. Kim Il whoever might be next, or Assad, or Achmediniwhackjob, or Mugabe. If any of them survive until 2013 then the less complaining about Qdaffy the better.

Not that it would stop the left from wailing, rending their garments, and throwing ashes on their heads. No, hypocrisy and a complete lack of shame will remain characteristic of the left. However this will be available to be shoved down their lying throats until they choke. The less we complain now the sharper the edges will be.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is creating jobs worldwide, one at a time, by killing the current employee.

thisishabitforming said...

Anonymous 2: Its not Qadafy's ultimate fate that is to be mourned, that was a given, its #1 the question of who the people are we are putting into power in Libya and #2 the blatant and total hypocrisy of the Obama administration in regard as to how the man campaigned and how he is now governing. And yes the silence from the anti war crowd is deafening.

Anonymous said...

The notion that leaders of a country can be “tried” by outside agencies was spawned by the Nuremburg trials after WWII – a completely extra-legal activity, but easy to do if you win the war and the they were “baddies”, i.e. the vast majority of people wanted them dead.
Personally I would have spared him for his tyranny (which is really quite common), but for his hideous wardrobe there can be no possible mercy!