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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A-Mansour is a black nationalist, Muslim, and a lawyer to Saudi princes who has publicly professed his hatred of the U.S. In a television interview in 2008, Percy Sutton (a prominent black political leader and former Manhattan borough president) told a reporter that Sutton was introduced to Obama by al-Mansour, who “was raising money for him [Obama]” and asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard Law School. Sutton wrote the letter in support of Obama, and the rest is history.
So let’s get this straight: Our President may have deep ties (personal and financial) not only to black nationalist extremists, but also wealthy Arabs who publicly floated the idea of financing, among other projects, the top-flight education of young black Americans who might (hopefully) one day share their hatred of America?
Here's a link to the original story in the Daily Inter Lake.  There were lots of leads and rumors before and during the 2008 election about the mysterious Barack Obama.  The Obama campaign dismissed them,  and the press dutifully dropped them. 
This peculiar revelation [Precy Sutton interview] engendered a small hubbub in 2008, but was quickly dismissed by the Obama campaign as the ditherings of a senile old man. I don’t believe President Obama himself ever denied the story personally, and no one has explained how Sutton came up with this elaborate story about Khalid al-Mansour if it had no basis in fact, and in any case al-Mansour no longer denies it. (3)

I wonder if we'll ever get to the truth.

And it makes you wonder about all those millions and millions of dollars that Obama raised via untraced, fraudulent credit card donations from obviously fake contributors for his 2008 campaign.  You might wonder, but not the MSM.

Well, this could be another reason for Barack Obama's Rage.

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Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Beyond Obama's extensive Islam ties, we now know absolutely the Obama Administration lied. But the question the press is not asking is why did the Obama Administration lie about the Benghazi attack?