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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama Shoots First, Aims Later, Misses. Pray for His Replacement.

After the deadly attack on the United States Embassy in Libya, it was apparent to many that the attack was premeditated and designed to kill Americans – not to protest an amateur-made movie that mocked Islam and disrespected Mohammad. The militant 9-11 attackers totally achieved their goal by leaving the United States Embassy in shambles with charred and blood-stained walls as well as a trail of death.

Yet the current administration in the United States government insisted otherwise. President Barack Obama, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney led the way by denouncing those who dared state the obvious version of what had happened in Benghazi, Libya – that it was about terrorism and not about the anti-Mohammad film.
Incompetence?  Stupidity?  Politics?  Why not all three?

It's obvious that Obama doesn't want to admit that his Middle East policy just blew up.  After all, he claimed that with his election, the Muslim world would see America in a totally new light.  "The day I'm inaugurated Muslim hostility will ease."  Obama's promises were so grandiose, I wondered if people would begin to laugh as he told them that his election meant that the seas would recede and the earth would heal.  Those are promises that assumed the person making them had Godlike powers.

He claimed that simply because who he was his election would cause a tectonic shift in Middle East politics and the people in the region would love Obama's America.  There is reason to believe that it had the opposite effect; it made them hate us.  As the Arab Spring morphed into the Islamofascist Fall Team Obama hope that the deterioration of America's influence would not become apparent until after the election.  So when the the Islamic world blew up, Team Obama took out the playbook they have been using ever since 2008 and blamed someone else.  In this case they were given a slim reed by references in Arab countries to a video trailer that no one had ever heard of and which no one had ever seen, clinging to it like a life raft.  And they may have gotten away with it - as they would have gotten away with Fast and Furious - except for that Libyan ambassador getting killed. 
How does the Arab world view Obama's America?  A year ago Michael Prell showed what was happening and today's riots and killings are the result of Obama, the Arab's "Weak Horse."

In the Palestinian territories, where the people have rarely found a more vocal champion than in the Obama White House, 82 percent of Palestinians have an unfavorable view of the United States ...

In Egypt, America’s approval ratings have dropped since Mr. Obama’s now-famous Cairo speech from 30 percent to 5 percent ...

Mr. Obama is the president who lost Turkey. In the short time that has passed since he bad-mouthed American history and power in his speech to the Turkish parliament, Turkey’s approval rating for America has dropped to 14 percent. The once-secular Turkish nation has become more radicalized and Islamist, and Turkey has gone from being the vacation destination for Israeli tourists to one of Israel’s biggest threats.
The Arab world has never been fond of the West, but they respected and feared the consequences of open violence against us.  That is why bowing and supplication to "kings," "princes" and bloody potentates from a part of the world that, until the second half of the 20th Century, was occupied by wandering camel jockeys and goat herds was such a colossal mistake.   

Correcting this defeat, and it can be corrected with the right policies, will cost lives and treasure and will require a realistic appreciation for our strengths and weaknesses.  We have an opportunity to remove Obama and his delusions of grandeur this fall.  Pray that the American people take the chance fix the mistake they made in 2008.

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