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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another day, another disaster: So what now for Afghanistan?

Headline you won't see in America's state controlled media:

Kim Sengupta reports on a chaotic 24 hours that saw the Allies in disarray, the exit strategy seemingly in tatters and a dozen killed by a suicide bomb
The decision announced yesterday to cut back on joint operations undertaken by international and Afghan forces raises crucial questions about the key plank of the exit strategy from the 11-year war which has proved costly in lives and money.
The move is also a significant propaganda coup for the insurgents, coming just after their assault on Camp Bastion which resulted in the destruction of warplanes worth $200m. For the British and coalition troops, the announcement in Washington will only highlight the mistrust which has been the inevitable consequence of 51 deaths inflicted by their supposed Afghan brothers-in-arms.
Let's summarize the way Team Obama has managed our affairs with Islam during his regime.  Bush left him a war that was won in Iraq and a Middle East that was quiet.  Four years later the followers of Mohammad are rioting all over the world, screaming "Death to America,"  they have killed one of our ambassadors to a country whose leader we overthrew in a war that was waged without even a legal fig leaf, Egypt is now in the stage where Iran was just after the Shah departed, our "exit strategy" for leaving Afghanistan won't work because the troops we are training there are killing our troops - in record numbers. 
And all this while racking up more debt than any of Obama's predecessors - and most of his predecessors combined.  More people have given up looking for work than are finding jobs.  Corporate earnings are headed down again.  Races are at each others throats while Team Obama stoked a war between men and women.  Religions are being placed under the yoke of government bureaucrats - except for Islam which expresses it's unhappiness by killing those who insult them.  The American President is despised and ridiculed despite having bowed to kings and dictators. 
I would like to think it's sheer incompetence, because the alternative is too scary to contemplate. 
And this clown wants to renew his term in office?
Lord, please give us a break, we solemnly pray.

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