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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Emails reveal Justice Dept. regularly enlists Media Matters to spin press

Eric Holder and Media Matters are joined at the hip.
  Media Matters acting as the defense arm of a corrupt political organization

Internal Department of Justice emails obtained by The Daily Caller show Attorney General Eric Holder’s communications staff has collaborated with the left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America in an attempt to quell news stories about scandals plaguing Holder and America’s top law enforcement agency.
Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder’s top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Read the whole thing at the Daily Caller. The e-mails show the DOJ vigorously trying to stamp out information relating to Fast & Furious as well as the Black Panther voter intimidation case.  While it may seem as if this may not matter very much; after all Media Matters is a minor part of the media complex.  But it forces the rest of the media to treat Fast & Furious as a "botched" operation instead of a purposeful operation which almost achieved its intended objective.  An organization acting as a virtual arm of a corrupt regime has much more power than a casual observer might expect.

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