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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ann Althouse - White Liberal Racist in Denial

Ann Althouse is a white Liberal law professor (and blogger) in Madison, Wisconsin who voted for Obama in 2008.  She's probably going to vote for him again in 2012.  Why?  Because Rush Limbaugh played an audio clip "over and over on his show yesterday."  Here's the video clip.  Please keep  in mind that Rush has a radio show so he could only play the audio.
Althouse asks: "Just How Racist Is the 'Obama Phone' Video?"  She concludes 
There's some kind of political point to be be made about they way some people become dependent on government or unrealistic about what government can or should do, but there's an emotional level, below the rational mind, that this video/audio can reach, and when someone repeatedly plays it, as Rush did, it seems as though he's trying to stir up racial fears.
Apparently it stirred up Althouse's racial fears because she belongs to a class of people she says are  decent persons and ... 
Decent people whose rational minds would reject explicit racial material can be emotionally manipulated. They get their fears stirred up. If this is what Romney supporters think they need to do to get their man elected, I hope they fail. And, frankly, I think they will fail. If people in the middle — like me — get the impression that fear of black people is supposed to be the reason to vote for Romney, we're going to vote for Obama. That's the America I believe in. I think I'm right about that.

Forget for a moment that Romney is not responsible to the Rush Limbaugh show.  What I want to focus on is the fact that Limbaugh never made any comment about this woman's race.  The race angle is entirely Althouse's.  In her mind, this woman (paid to demonstrate outside of Romney rallies by the SEIU) represents, not people who want free stuff, but black people in general. 
I'm sure she would try to defend herself by claiming that you could tell the woman was black because of her speech pattern and that Limbaugh didn't have to say anything about her race to make a racist point.  But Limbaugh doesn't do race despite the claims from the Left that he's a racist.  Recall that his biggest controversy involved another individual who demanded free stuff; her name was Sandra Fluke and she was a white female.  He is opposed to government hand-outs and the redistribution of wealth from producers to consumers irrespective of their race or gender.

At this point we can only conclude that Althouse is a racist.  A female, white, Liberal law professor and a racist.  One of many.  She may not realize it herself and may not understand it and certainly won’t admit it, but her comments prove conclusively that she’s a racist.  Limbaugh never referred to the woman’s race.  Althouse is unloading her own attribution of blackness onto this woman, is appalled that this is what has happened to a class of people - which in her mind is colored black - and like any self-admiring Liberal transfers her racist attitude to Limbaugh.  If this woman were white, there is no question that Limbaugh would play the tape over and over again because of what it says about a freeloader society. 
Althouse is the one that made it about race, not Limbaugh.  Althouse is the racist, not Limbaugh.  
I used to enjoy reading Althouse's blog because she wrote about some interesting topics, but this blatant display of Liberal emotionalism, racism and lack of self-awareness combined with a sickening display of sanctimony is disturbing.  It's as if you found out a good friend is secretly a child molester.  
Bye Ann. 

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Anonymous said...

Ann voted for Obama because he was cooler than McCain. I fell out with her then and stopped reading her. And she has this pathetic fear of the elderly despite being no spring chicken herself.