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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


A funny discussion about global warming ... er "climate change"

If You Don't Like People Saying That Climate Science is Absurd, Stop Publishing Absurd Un-Scientific Charts is the headline on Coyote Blog in which he skewers Kevin Drum
Kevin Drum can't believe the folks at the National Review are still calling global warming science a "myth". As is usual for global warming supporters, he wraps himself in the mantle of science while implying that those who don't toe the line on the declared consensus are somehow anti-science.

Readers will know that as a lukewarmer, I have as little patience with outright CO2 warming deniers as I do with those declaring a catastrophe (for my views read this and this). But if you are going to simply be thunderstruck that some people don't trust climate scientists, then don't post a chart that is a great example of why people think that a lot of global warming science is garbage. Here is Drum's chart:

He then goes on to explain why the chart is garbage.  HERE

This discussion in the comments is instructive in one entertaining way. We have FelineCannonball waving his/her expertise as a Paleoclimate post-doc. It’s posts use a lot more technical jargon than the other people commenting, giving them a much greater appearance of authority. Then we are informed that the authors of the Marcott, Shakun, Clark study have admitted that their graph is – to use a technical term – a total screw-up. “It's a complicated endeavor” explains our Paleo-climatologist. Hilarity ensues.


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