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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


More black racism.

Via Ace of Spades who asks the very race neutral question: why should blacks be put off by icons with white skin unless they are racist?

KELLY: But that, too, has brought a lot of, you know, feelings out by a lot of our viewers saying, look, you know, historically, all those pieces I referenced, all those pieces Ms. Harris referenced showed a black Santa. And some people are taking issue with her suggestion that the mere color of his skin in these portrayals as white is somehow alienating to black children or, as she put it, causes shame in them.

[ZERLINA] MAXWELL: It is alienating to black children.

KELLY: Why is it skin alienating and why is that not racist?

This is the simple truth of it. What's going on here is simple: yes, black kids are kind of put off by a Santa Who Doesn't Look Like Them. It's only natural.

But if a white person says "Well I want Santa to be the way I always imagined him (and most painters, etc., have always depicted him), looking like me," that's racist.

Why? Why the difference? Why is it natural and understandable that Aisha Harris (writer of the original stupid Slate article) should be alienated by a white-skinned Santa and prefer a black one, and yet it's racist that whites might prefer it the other way around?


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