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Monday, December 16, 2013


The Press and Islamic Terrorism.

Bud Norman comments on the recent convert to Islam who wanted to go to heaven while blowing up the Wichita airport and its inhabitants in the process. We have heard almost nothing about this story for several reasons. One is that the plot was foiled, the second is that Witchita is not New Yrok. The third can be explained by the fact that the press is just about as sensitive about Islamic terrorism as it is about race.

So thorough was the investigation that all of the involved officials are assuring the public that at no point was there any danger to anyone. The local newspaper reports that there weren’t even any flight delays at the airpor as a result of the incident, which is fortunate for any travelers who were trying to get out of town as it’s a sure bet they had to make a connecting flight to get wherever they were going. This lack of suspense or even inconvenience was no doubt a reason for the relative lack attention paid the plot by the national media, although we suspect that it’s also because they long ago lost interest in reporting on the continuing threat of Islamist terrorism. Such stories offend the multi-cultural sensibilities of the modern press, and usually require a sidebar about the always-threatened but never-realized threat of anti-Muslim backlash, and by now it’s become such drudgery that the average American reporter would even prefer to write about Obamacare. Had the alleged perpetrator been with any of the city’s 440-some Christian churches or the locally robust Republican party it would have stopped the presses, but these days a “lone wolf” Islamist terrorist is just another dog-bites-man story that requires an exculpatory dogs-are-a-species-of-peace sidebar.

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