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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Harry Reid is hospitalized.

Via VanderLeun


A few comments:
Although the Psalms and other Old Testament passages have examples of godly men praying for the death of their oppressors and enemies, many of my christian brothers say that it is, if not a sin, at least un-Christ-like to pray for the death of anyone. That may be so, but I find no prescription against saying that I would not shed a tear if he died a painful death. (I'm not sure if there are proscriptions against grave-dancing, though.)

And this:
The strange thing is, Harry is really a very mediocre fellow, and that is being generous. I've run into him a little bit over forty years. I see Nancy P as being in the same mold of half-witted stumblebums. The evil talent must be lurking unseen.

And finally this:
"I could not attend his funeral, but I did send a note saying I approve."

There have been very powerful and evil men throughout history that have had mediocre minds.  What they had in common was an iron will.  


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