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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Rare images show Kim Jong-un's uncle being dragged away

Via the UK Telegraph

Rare images show Kim Jong-un's unclear being dragged away
Jang Song-Thaek reportedly being dragged from his chair by two police officials during a meeting in Pyongyang

A series of images have emerged from North Korea showing the moment the uncle of Kim Jong-un was dragged away by uniformed guards, confirming rumours that the dictator’s onetime mentor has been purged.
Jang Song-thaek had not been seen in public since late November, amid reports two of his closest aides had been executed in public after being found guilty of a litany of crimes.
The humiliating pictures were the first such images since the late 1970s from North Korea of a purged official, according to analysts in South Korea, who believe they have been released to show the world that Mr Kim is firmly in charge....

The images showed 67-year-old Mr Jang in an auditorium, being pulled into the aisle by his arms as dozens of other officials look on. He has already been airbrushed out of other images, while his name has been removed from previous news reports.
It is not clear when the photographs of Mr Jang were taken. Unconfirmed reports from Free North Korea Radio suggested that he may already have been executed.

Among other crimes, Jang is accused of "... such factional acts as dreaming different dreams ..."  I wonder how long American will be allowed to dream their own dreams instead of  the dreams from The One's father.

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