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Thursday, December 05, 2013


The Youth Vote

Bud Norman analyzes the Harvard poll on youth's opinion on Obama and makes some good points. First, Obama has not turned the "Yoots" into conservatives, he's just disappointed them by his lies about free health care via ObamaCare.

The Harvard poll indicates that the young folks’ disillusionment with Obama has not resulted in a newfound affection for the Republicans, and we suspect that rather than becoming conservatives they’re still nurturing class resentments and hoping for the unlimited health care at some rich guy’s expense, but the numbers are bad news for the Democrats nonetheless. If the young voters stay home in next year’s mid-term elections the Democrats will miss them bad, and there might even be a few former Obama supporters showing up to vote for a Republican. Looking further into the electoral future, the Democrats’ dream of a life-long lock on those voters now seems somewhat far-fetched.

One theory for Romney's loss in the 2012 election is that Romney could not energize the Republican base enough to get them to turn out in the required numbers. That may be true. Romney is a good man and, had he been elected, would have known how to create a government policy that encourages economic growth and create new jobs. But he also belonged to the "moderate" wing of the Republican party and failed to inspire the enthusiasm that was required to get the most conservative wing of the party out. Whether this is true will never be known; elections can't be re-run, but electoral turn-out is the major driver of electoral victory and Obama may have turned enough youth off to his schemes that the next Democrat will have trouble getting them ginned up.

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