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Saturday, December 07, 2013


An Obama Shown to be a Liar is Vulnerable as Old Scandals Resurface

You may have noticed that old scandals, ones that had been buried by a media complicit in the Obama cover-up, are beginning to be mentioned again?  For a long time you were considered a nut if you dared bring up Fast & Furious or any of the other nefarious activities Obama has been involved in.

Now that Obama's lies are open for everyone - even the most uninformed - to see, It's no longer a sign of derangement to mention them. 

Here's PJ Media's David Solway in an article about Obama's desire to fatally weaken Israel, in which he mentions some history that propagandists like Chris Matthews does not want to see resurrected:
Regrettably, it has taken much of the world five more years to realize that Obama is a trained prevaricator of the first water, whether the issue is government transparency, receding oceans, competitive bidding, citizen surveillance, deficit cutting, the closing of Gitmo, unilateral military action, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, and, in the realm of foreign policy, Iran and Israel. Obama’s evasions and hollow assurances on this latter file demonstrably imperil the future of the Middle East and, quite possibly, the safety of the planet. It certainly spells imminent danger for Israel.
It's no longer absurd to ask what Obama's lied about when he lies about little things like having met his uncle or big, big lies like ObamaCare.  Fast & Furious is a scandal with death at it's result.  Benghazi is a scandal where men were deliberately left to die so that Obama could win an election.  

Don't you wonder why so many of Obama's Kenyan relatives live in the US?

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