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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Can tear-jerkers turn you liberal?

It seems that watching soppy movies make you a Liberal.

Political scientists found that Hollywood movies can change attitudes more than advertising and news reports

The researchers noted a leftward shift in attitudes after the participants saw a film with a liberal message

Todd Adkins, of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, said audiences seemed to turn off their critical faculties when they reach the cinema.

That settles it.  Liberals lack critical faculties. It can't be denied, it's Science. You're not trying to deny science are you?

On a more serious note, it has long been known by both  the Left & Right that the culture has more effect on politics than politics on culture.  That's why Liberal group just tried to sink Duck Dynasty and why political correctness via speech codes are such a powerful tool in shaping the country.


Why Duck Dynasty Threatens The Left

A very good analysis on the media, culture, Liberalism and why the Left controls your thoughts and your speech even when you may not agree with them.  The Left shows their beliefs not by preaching but by showing. That's what the Robertson family does and why they are so popular.  The show is the very opposite of preachy.  It only ends with the family at dinner beginning with a prayer.  The Robertson’s Christian faith is just one part, at the very end.  The show is about the kids, their relationships, work, fishing & hunting & shooting.  It's about the things that most people do in a setting that many would like to have.  I mean, how many people would love to do these things and by the way, get rich by making duck calls?

 Read the whole thing. But here's the bottom line:

The threat of the Robertsons isn’t in Phil’s politically incorrect comments. The threat is that this family has figured out how right-wing politics and Evangelical Christianity can influence pop culture without being the punch line or the bad guy. While the left has spent decades making conservatives look like idiots and Christians look like bigots, Duck Dynasty reminds average Americans that these views are mainstream. The left is alerted but will those on the right take advantage of what the Robertsons have created?

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You have to recognize the fact you are being brain washed. When I point these things out to my kids, they sigh and wonder why I have to see everything as political. Well, from Disney on up, most of it is.
While the left has spent decades making conservatives look like idiots and Christians look like bigots,

Not entirely accurate. Conservatives are, by every single measure and according to almost all studies, about 10 IQ points dumber than Liberals. The bigotry goes without saying. It was not liberals lynching blacks in the South, nor driving gays to suicide in todays culture.

now this does not apply to the top 5 or 10% who control the vast majority of conservatives. Yes they probably all have triple digit IQ's. But the vast majority do not, and that is what makes them so useful to those on top.

It is also why the person who wrote this article did not put in a link to the original source. He knows that his readership is to stupid / lazy / gullible to notice that the allegation is not supported by evidence. In other words, this article itself is evidence of the stupidity of those reading it
Oh. Here is another study that on its face demonstrates that conservatives are not only stupid, but gullible and lazy. As a homework assignment I will leave it to you to figure out why the posting of this study by conservative sites shows this:

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