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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Oregon signs up just 44 people for Obamacare despite spending $300 million

So, that's about $7 million per sign-up.
Oregon, once touted as a model for President Obama's health care law, signed up just 44 people for insurance through November, despite spending more than $300 million on its state-based exchange.

Couldn't they have given them a million each and forget about ObamaCare?

Here's the gripe: the political leaders of Oregon don't really care.  It's not their money, they just took if from the poor schlubs who pay taxes in Oregon.  They treat it as play money, as chips in a poker game, as numbers on a page.  And you can be sure that the people who got the money from the Oregon politicos are well connected.  They are spreading the wealth to their friends.

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