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Monday, March 14, 2016



Sasha and Malia Obama Wore $20K Dresses to the Canada State Dinner

While their mother opted for a custom strapless number from one of her favorite designers, Jason Wu, her daughters went with Naeem Khan. Malia, 17, who was seated next to Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels and actress Sandra Oh, wore a strapless faille gown with crystal beading from the pre-fall 2015 collection. The 100 percent silk piece is no longer available for purchase, but it originally retailed for $17,990. The embellished piece didn’t need any more bling, so she went without jewelry.

Glenn Reynolds comments:
When teenagers wear dresses that cost more than many Americans make, it’s easy to see why Bernie and Donald are getting traction.

When you're part of the Ruling Class, it's all good.  But watch out for the peasants with pitchforks.  Does anyone feel that the the French revolution may be waiting in the wings?  

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I started reading books about the French revolution four years ago. The problem is privilege, only we do it without a formal nobility, so it's harder to see. Peggy Noonan just about gets it when she talks about the protected and unprotected classes, and Angelo Codevila in his essay/book on the ruling class. It goes further than that. One has to include any person or group that is getting any kind of assistance or protection by the government, from welfare recipients to people with occupational licences. Where we went wrong was not including the spirit of one part of the Virginia Declaration of Rights in our founding documents: "That no man, or set of men, are entitled to any exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community."

not purchased. loaned for P R purposes google it
@Daniel M; when my daughter went to her last party her dress was actually a very nice one that she bought at a second-hand shop. I think that I will try to see if dress shops here will lend her an even nicer dress if I promise to get them publicity. What do you think my chances are?
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