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Saturday, March 12, 2016


Report from the Chicago anti-Trump riot

From the comments:
I was at the Chicago Trump rally. All of the people who got there 5 hours early like me were peaceful, Trump supporters. The protesters came in much later, most sat in groups together at the back end of arena. Once the event was cancelled, the protesters unfurled their cloth signs, Mexican and other flags, MANY were Bernie Sanders acolytes, some were from Black Lives Matters and MoveonDOTorg. Many had Bernie Sanders signs, badges, stickers, etc. on them! When they got vocal, these protesters flipped us Trump supporters the bird, used profanity, verbally assaulted us. There were many elderly Trump supporters with walkers who were frightened by the Sanders followers thuggery. The leftists crashed a fence barrier over and charged the parking garage where many of us were parked next to the venue. They approached our vehicles when we were inside, flipped us the bird, swore at us, blocked the exits to the garage. The police lost control over the leftists Bernie Sanders followers here in Chicago. Total disrespect of our 1st Amendment rights!

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