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Sunday, March 06, 2016


What is a newspaper?

Moyers and company on the decline in the news industry. A rebuttal.

What is a newspaper? Physically, it’s garbage; trash for the landfill. If newspaper people were really concerned about the environment they would leave the industry. As for the intellectual content, the “stories” are so often wrong that it’s commonly said that if a reporter writes about a subject on which you are an expert you realize he doesn’t understand what’s going on. The gullible believe the writer when he writes about things with which the reader is less knowledgeable. Journalists’ opinions are predictable. It’s what creates an atmosphere that gives us journalistic lies like the Duke Rape Scandal and the UVA Fraternity Rape that turns out to be pure fiction. It’s the lie that one-in-five college women are raped, which if true, would make college campus more dangerous than Mogadishu.

To quote the author: "But there’s one major difference between other workers and journalists — when the latter are laid off, the commonweal suffers." What brazen BS!

No, the “commonweal” doesn’t suffer when journalists lose their jobs. That is a conceit that only the anointed would have the gall to state with such self-serving blindness. Some comments here are from people who found jobs with Liberal advocacy groups. There is not one who is proud of going to work for industry; you know - people who actually make things that people need. Not just things used by newspapers like computers, desks, and paper. But things like food, cars, and homes. It does not seem to occur to the anointed to become a plumber, an electrician or a carpenter. You don’t need a degree from J-school to do those jobs. How about going to work at a power plant, you know the thing that lights up our homes and keeps them warm. In the Newspaper business power plants don’t do any of those things; they produce pollution that – according to 20-year-old predictions - killed the earth 10 years ago. In the press, the coal miners who produce the fuel for half the country’s electricity are either enabling the death-by-heat of the planet or are inevitable collateral damage for the “good” war on fossil fuels; passed by with averted eyes. As the Left was fond of saying when Stalin was murdering the Kulaks, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

As for me, if I want to find out what’s going on right now, I go to Drudge and a few other sources. You know Drudge, the guy that exposed Clinton for the sexual predator that he is when the “respectable” press was ready to spike the story. And when it was impossible to deny the truth (remember the blue dress?) that same press circled the wagons and told us that lies about sex were fine, even as other women came out. Thanks to the press, Clinton – the only president credibly accused of rape – is hailed as the Democrats’ senior statesman, whose wife is even now likely to be the Democrat’s presidential candidate. Should some poor conservative raise the issue of how Hillary turned $1000 into ten times that much with a series of “lucky” trades in cattle futures, part of the press will accuse the conservative of sliming the poor woman and the other part will ignore it pretending that nothing happened. That’s how it works in the commonweal.

Don’t get me started on how badly degraded race relations have become as the press makes heroes of thugs who torch entire neighborhoods. Or the number of male students have sued their universities over expulsion thanks to the press-fanned flames of “rape culture.” While my wife used the newspaper to clip the coupons, I read the comics. For news and analysis, thanks to Al Gore’s internet, I have much better sources.


Any conservative who subscribes to a newspaper should examine his conscience and enquire of himself whether he deserves to be called a conservative.
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