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Saturday, March 19, 2016


If the media is trying to start a race war, they’re doing a very good job of it.

As I’ve already noted after attending a Trump rally in Atlanta, the topic of race was not mentioned once during the entire event, yet nearly all of the bile tossed at Trump—at least the rhetoric that does not directly assail his hair and his penis—focuses exclusively on dubbing him as a “racist.” Pardon me for getting all paranoid and suspecting that his critics would prefer to stir fears about Trump being the New Hitler rather than ever mention his legitimate complaints about the nation’s toxic inflow of illegal immigrants and economically suicidal outsourcing of jobs and industry.

And as I watched the live footage unfolding of smirking, scruffy dupes of globalist totalitarian financiers swinging fists, screaming at cops, and harassing the fuck out of Trump supporters who were merely trying to leave the event peacefully without being jumped, I bit my lip as one CNN reporter after the next all blamed it on Trump.

Great article at Taki's magazine

They claimed that it was Trump’s words that led to the violence—not the conscious decisions of those who couldn’t emotionally handle his words and therefore made a conscious decision to attend his rally and “shut it down” while “fucking shit up.” When they threw bottles at cops and swung fists at Trump supporters, they were in no way responsible for their behavior. And by preventing Trump from speaking and letting him know he wasn’t welcome in Chicago and there should be no forum for people such as him to speak, they were only exercising their free speech, and you’re a stupid knuckle-dragging redneck if you don’t see the logic in that.

If the media is trying to start a race war, they’re doing a very good job of it.

The Great Chicago Trump Shutdown occurred after weeks of desperate turd-flinging against Trump by both major political parties and mainstream media across the political spectrum. And yet the same tools who insist that gullible fanatics can be easily whipped up into violence by mere rhetoric took not a wisp of responsibility for possibly triggering hordes of their special snowflakes with endless propaganda about how Donald Trump is the secret love child of Adolf Hitler and the KKK.

But who exactly are acting like the intrusive brownshirts in this equation? Which side is aggressively flouting all known rules of decorum and civility and is openly messing with the other side?

It’s certainly not the fascist redneck hordes that have allegedly been hypnotized by Trump. A few seconds of Googling yielded the following results:

• “protesters disrupt sanders rally” … 5 results
• “protesters disrupt clinton rally” … 10 results
• “protesters disrupt trump rally” … 24,500 results

The punch line is that in every case of protestors disrupting Clinton and Sanders rallies, the perps were the cretinous and embarrassingly innumerate goons of Black Lives Matter, harassing their fellow leftists for not being leftist enough.

Although I allow the possibility of isolated incidents, I could find no evidence of Trump supporters even bothering to attend a Clinton or Sanders rally, much less disrupt it or shut it down.

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