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Friday, March 11, 2016


Obama Blames Libya and Syria on British PM David Cameron

Nothing is ever his fault.

Barack Obama has sharply criticised David Cameron for the UK’s role in allowing Libya to become a “shit show” after the fall of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, in an unprecedented attack on a British leader by a serving US President.

Mr Obama said that following a successful military intervention to aid rebels during the 2011 Arab Spring revolt, Libya was left to spiral out of control – due largely to the inaction of America’s European allies.

In a candid US magazine interview, Mr Obama said: “When I go back and I ask myself what went wrong… there’s room for criticism, because I had more faith in the Europeans, given Libya’s proximity, being invested in the follow-up.”

His part of the plan went great. Qaddafi was killed. That's when the plan came apart because Barack's problem is that he trusted the Europeans too much.  Don't be surprised if he ends up blaming Benghazi on Cameron.

And then there's his Syrian Red Line. Poor Barack could not make good on his treat because of the British:

Mr Obama also said Mr Cameron’s failures had affected his decision not to enforce a “red line” over President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons during the Syrian civil war. The President had planned a strike against Assad’s forces in August 2013, following a deadly sarin gas attack by the regime on civilians in a Damascus suburb. The strike was called off at the 11th hour. One “major factor” in the decision, the President said, “was the failure of Cameron to obtain the consent of his Parliament” for military action.

The only surprise in this list of blame-shifting is that he didn't blame George Bush.

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